Blue Water Woman, a subsidiary of Blue Water Publishing, LLC, is the proud designer of the 43 Degrees North Gifts, an online gift boutique.

43 degrees north ad--pjs in 43 degrees north shirt--whats true north

If you would like to review our designs on:
* Tee shirts & hoodies
* Stemless wine tumblers
* Pint glasses
* Coffee mugs
* Aprons
* Coasters
* Throw pillows
* Towels
* Blankets
* Notecards
* Luggage tags and much, much more!), please visit:

Thank you for supporting a local business!

We Give Back!

In 2020, we are proud to announce that 10% of the sales in our online gift boutique will be donated to a few of our favorite nonprofit organizations!

In the Blue Water Area, we are proud to provide our 2020 donations to:
* Blue Water Safe Horizons, offering shelter and support for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault;
* Sanborn Gratiot Memorial Home, an assisted living facility that provides comfort and care to low-income seniors; and the
* Blue Water Area Humane Society, a nonprofit that helps care for homeless companion animals

Below you will find a sample of some of the items in our gift shop. Click to buy!

All shirts and hoodies come in a variety of colors.

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3625 x 375 ad--43 degrees north--blue water woman alcohol contai

3625 x 375 ad--43 degrees north--43 Degrees North alcohol contai