Blue Water Woman

Magazine for women in the Blue Water Area of Michigan


Sharing the HerStory of the Blue Water Area…

Blue Water Woman magazine is the premiere quarterly publication for women living, working and playing in the Blue Water Area of Michigan. (That’s in the Thumb of Michigan, for those of you who like to use your hand to show others where the good stuff in Michigan is located!)

The stories and features in Blue Water Woman are written and designed to be inspirational, motivational and encouraging. (No women shaming allowed!)

Blue Water Woman believes…

…we shouldn’t wait until we write a woman’s obituary to share HerStory.

…women have unique voices and interesting stories to tell. Contact us if you know of someone whose story is just begging to be told!

…in teaching young women the importance of speaking up and speaking out, no matter what their beliefs.

…wearing the right shoes really CAN make all of the difference!

…yes, drinking wine really can help us solve all of the world’s troubles.

…that yes, sometimes gals just want to have fun!

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We are the premiere print and online-magazine/blog sharing inspirational and motivational stories about women from across the Blue Water Area of Michigan and the Thumbcoast of Lake Huron.

Your Editor!

Blue Water Woman is edited and published by Patti Samar, an award-winning writer and graphic designer.

But most of all, Samar IS a Blue Water Woman. She lives in Port Huron on the shores of Lake Huron, where she sails, paddleboards, kayaks, stares at the water and drinks wine. She is creative, liberal and sometimes, most notably, grumpy.