blue water woman -- website homepage front covers -- 08-2018

Blue Water Woman magazine is the premiere quarterly publication for women living, working and playing in the Blue Water Area of Michigan (that’s in the Thumb, for those of you who like to use your hands to show locales in Michigan!). Its stories and features are written and designed to be inspirational, motivational and encouraging.

Blue Water Woman takes great pride in sharing the stories of women from across the Blue Water Area and is thankful to those who have so openly and generously allowed us to tell their stories.

The publication is supported by the generosity of its advertisers. Without advertisers, Blue Water Woman would not exist. We encourage our readers to patronize the many local businesses that have so generously supported this publication.

Blue Water Woman is a publication of The Write Company, a writing, graphic design and marketing consultation firm located in Port Huron, Michigan and Blue Water Publishing, LLC.

Blue Water Woman and The Write Company are both owned and operated by Patti Samar, a marketing, public relations and communications professional who has worked for a diverse collection of organizations that include educational, financial, health care and governmental institutions.

Samar is an award-winning writer and graphic designer whose work has garnered awards from organizations such as the Detroit Press Club Foundation and the Associated Press, among others. She holds both a master of arts degree in English and writing and a bachelor of science degree in English from Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan.

But most of all, Samar IS a Blue Water Woman. She lives in Port Huron on the shores of Lake Huron, where she sails, kayaks, stares at the water and drinks wine. She is creative, liberal and sometimes, most notably, grumpy.