MARY FORTUNE: Feeling Festive

By Patti Samar

Mary Fortune wanted to do something to honor the memory of her late husband this year.

And 30 holiday wreaths later, she’s made an impact on veterans in the Blue Water Area and beyond.

Mary Fortune of Kimball with a wreath under construction

Fortune, a resident of Kimball Township, created 30 holiday wreaths and placed an ad on the Facebook Marketplace offering them for free to any veteran.

Four hundred Facebook messages later, she found a home for almost all of them.

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“It’s been amazing,” she said. “It renewed my faith in humanity. People were all so kind. I’m grateful.”

Fortune’s husband passed away six years ago from cancer, and she lost all other members of her family to cancer, as well. She is cancer survivor.

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“He was a Vietnam veteran, and I wanted to do something good for him this year,” she said of her husband. “I make wreaths every year and I knew he would want me to give them to the veterans.

“It just kind of escalated to the most wonderful holiday wish ever,” she said.

Yes, indeed, it did.

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