Healing Hearts

42.9709° N, 82.4249° W Port Huron, Michigan Lisa Gray experienced every mother’s worst nightmare. Only, for Gray’s family, it wasn’t a bad dream; it was reality. Gray’s daughter, then a sophomore in high school, told her that her stepfather – Gray’s ex-husband – had sexually abused her for seven years. The story of what Gray’s … More Healing Hearts

Coming Full Circle

42.9709° N, 82.4249° W Port Huron, Michigan Diane Bauer has come full circle. When, as a young college graduate with a psychology degree in her back pocket, she accepted her first post-college job, she didn’t dream that over the next couple of decades she would be hired three times by the same organization. Bauer, a … More Coming Full Circle

Best Friends Forever

42.9709° N, 82.4249° W Port Huron, Michigan Stephanie Ward, 31, and Tracie Steptoe, 31, both of Port Huron, have known each other so long, they don’t even remember when they met. They knew each other in elementary school, but their memories are fuzzy regarding any first encounter. But both can immediately pinpoint the moment when … More Best Friends Forever