Mile By Nautical Mile


Lat. 43° 0′ 55.39” N, Long. 82° 25′ 42.53” W
{Port Huron, Michigan}

Step one: Step outside of the box.

After almost 15 years of self-employment, I’ve been in a rut at work. I cannot imagine going to work for someone else again so instead of looking for a new gig, I knew I needed to retool my current working life. Going back to school isn’t an option for a variety of reasons, so no drastic/dramatic career changes are taking place, either. I simply want to hone what I’ve been doing with my life’s work and tweak it so that it better suits me and my interests at this point in my life.

And so, a blog about women of the Great Lakes States: Great Lakes Woman.

By establishing this blog, I am taking one small leap for Patti and one giant leap for all Great Lakes women

In setting sail here, I am actually building on a successful writing venture that I already produce: Blue Water Woman magazine, the premiere publication for the women of Michigan’s Blue Water Area. I think, in putting together this very local magazine, I’ve touched on something that women are looking for: making connections with other women and ways to celebrate other women. Social media brings us all closer together, so why not create a vehicle that allows those of us who live in relatively close geographic proximity to one another to feel even more deeply connected with one another by sharing our stories?

So in the words of some of my favorite sailors, I’ve paid the insurance, so put on your lifejacket and pop the kite…it’s going to be a wild ride and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.

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